QUOD is a creative art workshop of a team of professional designers, coming from different fields of applied arts. Each QUAD product is a specific handicraft made from premium natural materials. QUOD was designed in 2015 in Belgrade (Serbia). It proudly produces fine art pieces that exude elegance, simplicity, a combination of timeless design emphasizing the perfection of natural materials.


We use only top quality natural materials selected with special care, such as exotic wood of ebony, olive, eucalyptus, tropical walnut, rosewood, cocobolo, Indian apple and others. Leather of ostrich, python, sturgeon, alligator … Freshwater and saltwater pearls and pearl shells. Gold, silver and bronze. Diamantes, granite and marble. All of our materials are purchased directly from trusted suppliers from all continents with the highest established quality control.


Our products are designed and handmade in our workshop (a combination of conventional techniques and traditional crafts) by a creative team that pays particular attention to quality and details of each piece. Our design ethos is guided by a desire to create unique products that will not leave anyone indifferent. We believe that you will enjoy being in contact with any of our products. We believe that, each time you are in contact with our products, you will discover a new detail that had not been noticed before, that will again and again awaken your experience.


In Latin language QUOD means ,,woman” or a specific natural substance that leaves a mystical experience, awakens imagination and desire which occupies the whole being to the extent that it becomes an obsession and the object of worship …

I admire nature, glittering morning dew, the smell of the wind before the storm, colour of the sky at sunrise, a salt water drop from southern sea dispersed into the face by waves, touch of the April grass after rain, exciting fragrance of linden, depth of the old trunk colours, squeak of the desert sand under your teeth , black horse mane in my hand and satin skin of sweaty croup at gallop, cool and smooth stone along which a fingertip slides in the middle of the midday heat …

In 2015 I held a piece of Gabon ebony wood in my hand while its scent was spreading through the air, on the table there was a pearl of miraculous shine and a few pieces of white marble … I decided to make something new, something completely different, to feel the hardness and elasticity, the spirit of substance that I touched, to feel and experience my and its limits in this game of pleasure, this game of mutual primordial and timeless creation…